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Titan Ltd. Product Description
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Titan Ltd. Turf Type Tall Fescue

Some lawns are very pretty to look at, but can’t be played on. Other lawns look real nice for a year or two, but after a season of wear and tear, or a hot, dry summer, or disease pressure, they prove to be simply too weak to survive.

Titan Ltd. has become a favorite fescue, offering you a beautiful dense, thick turf both now and later. Titan Ltd. is tough enough to face most anything you throw at it. Go ahead and stomp on it, run over it, kick or bounce on it. Land an airplane on it, or let your baby crawl on it. Not a problem for Titan Ltd.

“Considering how hot this summer has been, it has held up really well.”

- JR, Columbus, OH

Key Features

Traffic Tolerance

Titan Rx showed exceptional performance under traffic including the HIGHEST RATING of all entries at Rutgers University in 2002!

Fast Establishment

Titan Rx, has been specifically selected to produce rhizomes, enabling it to provide increased density and fill in bare spots with brand new plants.

Ground Coverage

Ground coverage is a measurement researchers use to determine overall resistance to damage caused by disease, insects, weed encroachment, or environmental stress. In 2002, over the entire growing season, Titan Ltd. exhibited excellent ground coverage, including the highest rating for summer ground coverage!

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