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Titan Testimonials

Titan Testimonials

  • Titan RX lawn in Forth Worth, TX, April 2022
  • Titan RX lawn in Forth Worth, TX, April 2022

“Overseeded bermudagrass with fescue in Mid-Oct 2021. Grass germinated with 7 days in rocky clay soil. I now have the best yard in the neighborhood. Green year around. Very satisfied.”

- Carlos, Fort Worth, TX (April 2022)
  • Titan RX lawn in Lake Hartwell, SC, 2022
  • Titan RX lawn in Lake Hartwell, SC, 2022
  • Titan RX lawn in Lake Hartwell, SC, 2022

Been using Titan Rx for over 10 years. “My neighbors are amazed. They asked for the name of the seed so they can seed their yards. Thanks for your help.”

- HH, Lake Hartwell, SC (2022)

Amazing seeds started sprouting within 5 days. This seed is worth every nickel spent. [September 2019]

- Jarrod, Hampton, VA
  • Titan Rx wins yard of the month in Georgia

Wow, what a beautiful lawn. Seeds started germinating in 6 days. I am getting requests to renovate lawns in my area with Titan Rx. I'v done 90 percent of the work myself. Just done the renovation step by step per Titan Rx videos and basically same kind of videos on youTube. Just beautiful. NEIGHBORS ARE JEALOUS. LOL. [Semptember 2017]

In two years Titan Rx got me yard of the month. [June 19, 2019]

- Eric, Fairburn, GA

Lawn redone with Titan Rx.

"You can really see a big difference. Very happy. Thank you." [June 2017]

- Gary, Springfield, MO
  • Before planting Titan Rx
  • After planting Titan Rx

Take it from Shane in E. Tennessee, Titan Rx is “Awesome!!!!” Shane decided to totally redo his 21-year old lawn in 2016. He did it right, getting a soil sample, killing the existing lawn, tilling it up and replanting. The photos tell it all. Shane says Titan Rx is the "Best seed money can buy!!!!""

- Shane, Eastern Tennessee

"Used Titan RX to replace my bermudagrass lawn. Fast growth, excellent dark green color and nice leaf texture. Wanted a grass that would have the same qualities as perennial rye and Titan RX has exceeded my expectations so far! The picture says it all. The pictures were taken in early January 2016 after planting in mid-October 2015."

When asked how he achieved the amazing striping quality, C.A., responded,

"Right now I'm cutting at 4 inches. I use a standard Craftsman push mower with the Toro lawn striping kit for push mowers. Stripe quality is mainly due to grass quality, so thanks for making a great product!" [March 2016]

- CA, Rock Hill, SC

"Titan did great in Ohio. I had killed some of the KY-31 garbage that was in there and over seeded/reseeded the whole lawn. I'm going to miss it!" – From BM, formerly of Cincinnati, OH, now moving to Dallas, TX, where he intends on planting the Titans again.

- BM, Cincinnati, OH

It has grown very well. I have used it to slice seed and to fill bare spots.

- Eddie, Licking County, OH
  • Front yard before. Simpsonville, SC
  • Titan Ltd lawn after. Simpsonville, SC
  • Backyard before. Simpsonville, SC
  • Titan Ltd lawn after. Simpsonville, SC

The seed worked excellent! The area currently looks beautiful. I purchased this home from the bank after it had sat vacant for a year with no lawn care or water during a drought period. I expected to have to sod the entire yard as the ground was compacted red clay and the existing fescue was all but dead.

However, I had spent so much money on the house I decided I would first try over‐seeding the yard with Titan Tall Fescue… We utilized it on some very hard red South Carolina clay soil and added a layer of mushroom compost.

After about a week and a half it began to sprout… The results were absolutely amazing (and right now) the yard still looks good. It’s been around 100 degrees for the past couple of weeks… We would certainly use it again and, in fact, plan to.

[Two years later...] The grass was the envy of the neighborhood when we sold the house in late May of this year. In fact, I'm sure it helped to sell the place.

- GB, Simpsonville, SC
  • Titan Rx lawn in Lake Hartwell Georgia
  • Titan Rx lawn in Lake Hartwell Georgia

I bought Titan Rx last fall for my yard (2011). I live on Lake Hartwell in a forest. The seed has now turned to my lawn into a show-piece. Many of my friends have now purchased the seed for their yards. Thanks for the product.

- HH, Lavonia, GA

Over the past 5 years it has “performed very nicely”.

- ER, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Excellent! My grass this year is thick, healthy and durable. Very happy with your product.

- Mark, NJ
  • Lawn that is bare
  • Titan Rx fills in bare lawn.

We sprayed out the weeds and dethatched lawn in fall of 2011, and over seeded with a tall fescue mixture that was 50% Titan Rx. We then applied starter and gave it a good hit of 25-3-6 in mid-November. The fill in has been remarkable, chocking out any weeks. I think the Titan RX Tall Fescue early rhizome expression was responsible for the remarkable spring fill in!

- RL, Marysville, OH

It did a lot better in the heat than the Bermuda.

- JL, Portsmouth, VA

It has been a few years ago since I reseeded…the grass has been very good. It is much slower growing than the neighbors grass and it is very hearty. Excellent overall.

- Andy, Cincinnati
 Titan Ltd. preforms well as demonstrated in this photo of a lush green lawn, in mostly deep shade.

I'm taking the liberty of sending the attached picture of *my fescue patch*...I think you will be able to see how shaded the area is and how lush the Titan fescue is. I purchased from Cooper Seeds in Lawrenceville, Georgia...We are pleased with Titan. We use it in our back yard, which is heavily shaded. It has performed well, including some very dry conditions. I think that it is worthy of note that these photographs were shot in July, which is generally one of the hottest months of the year in the deep South.

- HA, Birmingham, AL

The seed is performing well. I planted in my backyard inside a fenced area that contains 2 dogs. The grass is holding up well to the wear and tear it is exposed to from my dogs. Also, the back yard has a steep grade and the grass has served well to grow in that environment.

- MB, Bridgeport, WV

…this spring people would say that I had the prettiest grass in town and was beautiful, thick and green.

- Jeff, Decatur, AL

I have a small front yard that needed to be planted after a tree removal this past winter. Titan was highly recommended and we couldn't be happier with the results. Seed was purchased at Oakland Nursery here in Columbus, Ohio. The gentleman who recommended Titan made no bones about it ‘Titan is the BEST’. We were forced to plant on Memorial Day and were warned by neighbors & friends that there was ‘no way’ we would get good results this late in the year. Not with the Titan seed apparently :) I've noticed a few of them walk or drive by and stare with jaws dropped.

After the first week, temps have remained in the 80s-90s, but this stuff just shot up and looks GREAT. I still can't believe how good it looks after only 20 days...I just gave the yard it's first (high) cut and it looks outstanding. [June 2010]

Lawn looks very good...Considering how hot this summer has been it has held up really well especially compared to our neighbors.[August 2011]

- JR, Columbus, OH
TLC lawn in MS

Titan blend family of grasses are incredible. I planted the TLC blend in the spring of 2010 in my backyard where it is shaded with intermittent sun exposure during the day. I overseeded every year. I also live in the Mississippi Delta and this grass has performed great, especially when the last 2 summers have been extremely hot, humid and dry. I would recommend this grass for any of those thinking of planting in the southern zone. It definitely can handle it.

- Marshall, Cleveland, MS

I got the seed online. It has performed well in my rocky soil.

- JH, Oxford, NY

I love the seed, it worked great for me. I remember putting Titan seed down on a non-irrigated lawn. We had no rain for two weeks. We finally got some rain and the seed actually germinated...Titan performs great... I also noticed the incredible ability of Titan to spread by rhizome. This tall fescue really spreads out the following full growing year. I like the drought tolerance/wear tolerance of Titan also; it does go dormant when stressed but it also comes right back when watered... Titan is a tough grass that looks great and has the ability to come back from severe stress due to traffic and drought.

- J, Mooresetown, NJ
This Titan Ltd. lawn did so well it generated a crowd of admirers.

Sutherlands lumber here in Salina, Kansas started carrying it and I told several people on my block about the seed and they also sliced some in and everyone likes the LTD very well. Bonnie is the women in charge of the garden dept. at Sutherlands and she also planted LTD in her yard and brought people over to look at it, and they seem to like it, and she said it sells well. It has filled in very well, I had a large bare spot that I planted some in and it filled in very nice.

- JH, Salina, KS

I suppose it's been pretty good. There's a few spots that didn't last the summer, but for the most part it's been better than other fescue seed I've used. I don't know whether I've treated it better than others I've used in the past ‐ like with regards to watering and so forth. I put this under my big oak trees where the bermuda thins out.

- Guy, Tulsa, OK

I hydroseeded Titan Rx on Sept 25th. 14 days later I mowed for the first time. By the way, I had germination after 3 days.

- Jarrod, Harriman, TN

My nephew Steve in Kentucky reported excellent results with it.

- John, Ohio

It has worked out very well. I replanted half of my lawn with Titan two years ago, over seeded with it last year, and finally filled in some spots this spring. I am very happy with it thus far.

- KL, Mission, KS

I talked to everyone in Myrtle Beach and they said you can’t grow Titan Rx here. Well I’m here to tell you it looks like fescue to me LOL. I just love the feel on my bare feet and the deep green. It’s the most beautiful grass ever. [October 2014]

...grass even in the winter here [February 2015]

I think now I've had the fescue for a year now and only july aug sep is a little dull so I'll take 9 months of this. [March 2015]

- BD, Myrtle Beach, SC

We have been very pleased with our lawn. Except during the very dry season of summer, the lawn remains green and lush. We get many compliments on the lawn. It has been almost four years since seeding and still no problems.

- DK, Sandusky, OH
Another great looking Titan Ltd. lawn

Titan Fescue is incredible. I used water crystals 2 inches deep in the soil, in conjunction with the germinating instructions and the grass is doing great.

- Sheldon, Chisago City, MN

It is the only tall fescue grass that survives in our hot Atlanta climate without watering.

- HJ, Atlanta, GA

I found it to be very good with color and growth…I trust and recommend your product to my neighbors and friends. I find your product to be more effective than any of the other name brands!

- JL, Pikesville, MD

Titan has performed extremely well.

- Bill, Charlotte, NC
TLC lawn

I swear by TLC, versus swearing at Kentucky blue!!! One of the reasons I originally inquired was for my step‐daughter. She had moved into a new home and her husband was having trouble with greening up the dirt. They subsequently took my recommendation to overseed with at least a 50% TLC mix. It's been over a year and their green space is looking much much better. I told them the biggest advantage is that TLC is a rhizome turf type tall fescue (TTF) and it would fill in...

I have been purchasing TLC from Oakland Nursery (Delaware, Ohio)...All that said, I think I have the best looking front lawn in the 'hood!!! I even have neighbors who tell me their favorite "pattern" for me to cut the grass; e.g., circles, straight, diagonal, weave!!! Since it's a small front yard (i.e., only a couple hundred square feet), I rarely thought much about patterns; other than to not do the same pattern each time I mowed.

- Jeff, Marion, OH

I bought my seed at Woodys Nursery in Duluth, GA. My soil is GA red clay, very poor for growing much. We have had 5 years of drought in GA… I have been impressed with the seed. We finally started to have a good looking yard. But, the rains stopped in June and things really dried out. Recently, we had a few heavy rains and the grass came back.

- John, Roswell, Georgia

I have had good success with it even with poor soil.

- Fritz, Central OH
  • Titan Ltd. lawn in Louisville, KY
  • Titan Ltd. lawn in Louisville, KY
  • Titan Ltd. lawn in Louisville, KY
  • Titan Ltd. lawn in Louisville, KY
  • Titan Ltd. lawn in Louisville, KY
  • Titan Ltd. lawn in Louisville, KY

Titan Ltd. takes over a Louisville subdivision!

(July, 2009) One day we were visiting a dealer of Titan Ltd. in the Louisville area. During our visit, he showed us a sign that a customer had made for Titan Ltd. That’s right - a customer made a sign about Titan Ltd.!

The sign had a picture of his yard and an adjacent neighbor’s yard that he had seeded with Titan Ltd. He was so pleased, he decided to make his own sign.

So we decided to go visit him. During our visit, he told us that there was a total of 6 lawns in his neighborhood that had now been replanted with Titan Ltd. We asked him to send us photos. A month or so later, we received these photos and the following comments:

“It was a pleasure meeting you today. I hope you were impressed with my lawn, I sure am! I am a true believer in your product ... There are a total of 5 other neighbors that have planted Titan due to the success I have had, and they are all well pleased with the results. ”

- Gary, Louisville, KY
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