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Titan GLX

Turf-Type Tall Fescue

coming soon—fall 2024!

Our latest release boasting very attractive turf, better disease resistance, and great color.

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Variety Summary

In sync with the high performance standards of our Titan line, this fifth generation release takes the Titans to a new level. It is both beautiful and durable, providing the opportunity to have a great lawn, even in harsh and demanding conditions.

Titan GLX brings improvements in three key areas:

  • First, its overall turf quality and appearance make it one of the most attractive tall fescues on the market. It is denser, finer bladed and is darker in color.
  • Second, we’ve improved our brown patch resistance. This is one of them most damaging diseases in tall fescue and Titan GLX has more combative powers wired into its genetics.
  • Third, Titan GLX has added disease resistance to the latest turf enemy- gray leaf spot.
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Heat Tolerance

Fans of our Titan RX will appreciate Titan GLX’s excellent performance in the hot transition zone environments such including OK, AR, KS, MO, KY, TN, VA, MD, NC, SC, and northern GA, MS, AL.

Summer and Traffic Stress

Whether used for a show lawn or an active play area, Titan GLX offers excellent resistance to summer stress, providing an attractive lawn that will stay greener longer and recover quicker from activity. Bring on the pets and children. Play hard and enjoy your lawn with Titan GLX. Professionals can also confidently specify Titan GLX as a single variety or a component for athletic fields or common high traffic areas.

Drought Tolerance

Titan GLX has shown notable strong survivability under drought conditions, maintaining good turf quality and recovery.

Low Mowing

Need close-cut turf? Titan GLX boast the ability to withstand consistent cutting as low as 1.5”. While it is still recommended for most applications and locations to maintain a higher cutting height, such as 3-4”, turf trials at Blacksburg, VA rated Titan GLX as one of the best for continuous close cutting.


Got both sun and shade? No worries, as Titan GLX will handle the shade without fading away. Great for both!

Brown Patch Resistance

This disease not only can reduce the aesthetics of a lawn, but can actually destroy the plants. While all tall fescues have some susceptibility, Titan GLX has the genetic resistance to provide premium protection against the disease.

More Disease Resistance

Great turf doesn’t just happen. Titan GLX looks beautiful in part due to improved resistance to ther disease including gray leaf spot, Typhula blight, Pythium blight, pink snow mold, and red thread.