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History of Titan Fescue

For over 35 years,

Titan has helped your lawn get better.

Titan Timeline


It all started...

The first generation of the Titans, simply called “Titan Tall Fescue” was planted for commercial sale.

Titan logo


Titan makes the Oscars

On October 4, Washington Post runs article “Grass Judged Greener; Results of the Annual Lawn Grass Oscars”. Charles Fenyvesi writes,

“The results of the latest annual selection of superior lawngrass varieties are in, and lawn lovers and grass-seed sales people scan the list with the kind of fascination that film aficionados reserve for the Oscars. Out of more than 350 patented grass cultivars on the market, with names as colorful as Houndog or as mysterious as SR 4000, the judges chose 56...

The honors are awarded for performance [in]:

  • density and color of the blades
  • fineness of texture
  • persistence in defying drought
  • wear-and-tear and weeds

In the turf-type tall fescues, here is the list:

  • Arid
  • Era
  • Falcon
  • Gala
  • Houndog
  • Mirage
  • Mustang
  • Rebel II
  • Titan

All of them may be safely planted in the District as well as in Maryland and Virginia.

Once considered not refined enough because of thick, coarse blades and a splayed growth habit, turf-type tall fescues are nowadays planted increasingly because they have been improved in the past few years and because of their ability to withstand drought and heavy wear.

In general, they require less irrigation and can make do with less in the way of pesticides and chemicals. Many lawn experts believe that the turf-type tall fescue is the grass type of the future...”


Pest resistance and Titan

On March 26th, The Washington Postwriter Charles Fenyvesi runs a piece entitled “Grass Without Pests, Naturally: Plants Available With Insect-Fighting Fungus”.

“Threatened by increasing public awareness of the high cost of fighting pests with chemicals, the lawn grass industry, one of the nation's largest producers of seeds and a voracious consumer of chemicals, has come up with an environmentally safe solution: a naturally occurring fungus that wards off insects. Moreover, there is evidence that the fungus also bolsters the grass plant's stress tolerance and drought resistance...”

He continues to explain this new scientific breakthrough and noting that there were only two tall fescues that had high endophyte levels. Can you guess what one of the was? Titan!

Fenyvesi says,

Among tall fescues, only Titan and Shenandoah qualify .


Titan Ltd. in the works

Seed crossings from what would eventually be Titan Ltd. are already being evaluated in California and Oregon


Disease resistance built in to Titan Ltd

In Columbia and Mt. Veron, Missouri, future Titan Ltd. plants are inoculated with five strains of brown patch. Selections are made, choosing individual plants that are the best for quality, color, and disease resistance


Here comes Titan 2

Titan 2 was introduced to the marketplace.

Titan2 Logo


Titan Ltd. under further testing

More testing in Columbia, MO for brown patch resistance, heat and drought tolerance.


Spreading the news about Titan 2

“Two Minutes To a Superior Lawn” advertorial ran throughout the Southeast, spreading the news about Titan 2 tall fescue.


Titan gets a high five

In September, the late Robert Stiffler, Gardening Columnist for the Virginian-Pilot wrote a piece called “Splendor in the grass, whether you want a 4-star lawn or just anything green, here are some tips”, in which he said:

“My experience has been that Titan performs as well as any and better than most. It has the added advantage of containing endophytes, which are naturally occurring toxins that kill or repel most damaging insects...”


The beginings of Titan Rx

An acid tolerance test is conducted in Griffin, GA to select plants that would eventually be part of the Titan Rx genetic pool


Titan Ltd. released

After extensive testing and multiple special trials to enhance resistance to brown patch and other stresses, Titan Ltd. was released. A noticeable trait about Titan Ltd. was its ability to produce rhizomes. This trait was very rare in tall fescues.

Titan Ltd logo


Titan 2 Featured

On February 22, 2001 Annie Calovich of Knight Ridder Newspapers writes an article for LJWorld, entitled, “Get primed for whipping your lawn back in shape.” In the article she cites Titan 2 as being one of the best brown patch resistance varieties available, based on the Kansas State University trials.


Continued development of Titan family

Plants that show early rhizome and spreading are selected to be part of future Titan genetics.


Titan Rx testing out the heat

Above population tested in Fresno and Pomona, CA for heat and drought tolerance. The future Titan Rx is being tried by fire!


High score for Titan Ltd.

Titan Ltd. shows highest score for traffic tolerance at Rutgers University in NJ.


Titan Ltd. recommend cultivar

In April, Titan Ltd. placed on Maryland Recommended Turfgrass Cultivars list for Certified Sod and Professional Seed Mixtures


Disease resistance trial for Titan Rx

Future Titan Rx plants get screened for brown patch resistance at the University of Arkansas.


Titan Ltd makes another recommendation list

Maryland-Virginia Turfgrass Variety Recommendation Work Group includes Titan Ltd. in their annual Virginia Turfgrass Variety Recommendations.


Titan Ltd. and geese control at airports

Titan Ltd’s, noted for its high endophyte level, is included in a presentation at the FAA Worldwide Airport Technology Transfer Conference, where five researchers from the USDA’s Wildlife Services presented their two year findings on the use of high endophyte tall fescue varieties at airport runways to help reduce the risk of wildlife-aircraft collisions.

Their studies had Titan Ltd. scoring the highest ground cover at Washington Dulles International, highest plant density at the Greater Binghamton Regional Airport in NY, and had the top density score at General Mitchell International Airport in Wisconsin. Subsequent years would show Titan Ltd. and the T.L.C. blend formula being used at airports such as Chicago’s O’Hare International


Introducing, T.L.C. blends

In April, T.L.C. tall fescue blends were made available to the public. These blends were the culmination of evaluating Titan Ltd.’s performance in different situations and regions in combinations with other high performing fescues.

T.L.C. Tall Fescue Blend Bags of grass Seed


Titan Ltd introduced into new mixes and blends

Titan Ltd. was being used as a key component of a new mixture called T.L.C. Tall Fescue-Bluegrass Mixture. It was also now part of many other blends and mixtures including Dryspell™, Dryspell Plus™, Turf Alive! III with Rhizomes to name a few.


Titan Ltd. recommended again

North Carolina State University give Titan Ltd. “Excellent” rating on their Variety Recommendation list.


Titan Ltd. included in Landscape Guide

In July, Titan Ltd. included in the Airport Landscape Resource Guide for Property Owners, Business and Neighbors near Chicago Midway International Airport


And again, Titan Ltd shows up on recommendation list

In November, Titan Ltd. listed on Approved variety list for North Carolina DOT Airfield Maintenance activities.


Titan Rx available to the public

The fourth generation Titan genetics hit the market – Titan Rx! With 100% rhizome expression, impressive heat tolerance and top rated shade tolerance, this newcomer is everything the earlier generations boasted and more!

Titan Rx logo


Newest genetics add to reccomendation list

Titan Rx and Titan Ultra added to the Virginia Turfgrass Variety Recommended List.


Titan Ultra introduces cold tolerance

Titan Ultra becomes available, providing improved Titan genetics for better cold weather performance.