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Planting Videos: Introduction


Have you ever considered replacing your lawn? These videos will give you an explanation about the project, some reasons to replant a lawn, and the four general steps of planting a new lawn.

The videos series is broken down into four chapters, Introduction, Preparation, Seeding, and New Lawn , giving you the ability to watch just the sections pertaining to your situation.


Running Time: 0:46

Are you ready to replace your lawn? Join one man on a video journey through the process.

Why I Need a New Lawn

Running Time: 1:54

Thinking of re-doing your lawn? Bare spots, damage from disease, settling of soil, and even just having the wrong variety of grass for your lawn are some of the reasons you might want to replace your lawn.

Game Plan

Running Time: 1:15

It takes a bit of effort to plant a new lawn, but it's worth the effort. First, the lawn will be killed with a non-selective herbicide and any low spots filled in with topsoil. After planting the grass seed, a protective "blanket" will be laid on the lawn.